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Topographical and engineering surveys
For the every successful execution of  any engineering project, it is essential that, the necessary   ground data regarding location, distances  and  levels of all the critical features either natural  or  man-made  be known accurately.

These surveys are of great importance for variety of engineering functions, e.g. location of bridges and dams, fixing of road or railway alignment, computation of earth work in highway and canal construction, hydralic design of reservoirs and dams, bridges and buildings and variety of such similar applications.

It can be concluded that planning designing execution and operation of any civil engineering project cannot even be visualised in the absence of data pertaining to topography of the site.

All this data is generated only by various methods and processes of field surveying like Topography Survey, Boundary/Property survey, Survey for Roads, Railways, Precision alignment survey, Setting-out, As-built survey, Earth work calculation(cutting and filling), etc.,
The countless reasons that allow us to successfully offer highly efficient and flexible services to our clients are as follows :
• Experienced professionals
• Advanced equipment and requisite tools
• Transparent dealing
• Timely execution
• Cost effective
• Customizing capabilities
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Athi – Mithuna Surveys has brought in the State of the Art Technology for Land Surveying and Mapping. Equipped with the largest and most modern equipment supported by versatile custom and commercial Software, Athi – Mithuna can provide your projects with Quick, Reliable and Cost Effective Land Surveying results.

The services of skilled and experienced technicians for carrying out all types of surveys also allow us to deliver assured quality & productivity within specified time.

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We are the leading service providers conducting Topographic land surveys, Contouring, Roads, Railways, Industrial Pipeline and As –Built Plans.

We will be gradually adapting to future changes and challenges by continuously extending the variety of our services and implementing the best business practices.


We are specialized in providing survey solutions for our clients that help them to understand market condition before investing.Intended to capture different trends and developments in industry, these survey solutions help the investors to take the right decision. Offered at highly affordable prices, these survey projects are highly demanded in market.

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